This Banana, Nut Butter ‘n’ Jelly Toast with SNACK is super easy to make but packs a big plant-based protein crunch! You can add additional toppings such as bananas, fresh sliced strawberries, or change up the flavor of your jam or jelly. The combinations are endless!

Serves 2

2 slices multi-grain, (or your favorite bread) toasted
2 tablespoons nut butter of choice`
1 tablespoons strawberry jam (or your favorite, low-sugar jam)
1/2 cup of Banana & Cinnamon SNACK

Optional: drizzle of honey and/or chia seeds

Step one: Toast two slices of sourdough bread
Step two: Spread 1 tbsp of nut butter on each slice
Step three: Divide the jam and spread on one side of each slice
Step four: Top the empty sides with Banana & Cinnamon SNACK, and enjoy!

Don’t toast the bread and fold each slice of your Banana, Nut Butter ‘n’  Jelly SNACK to combine all the flavors in one bite!