Who I am:
I grew up overweight and didn’t start focusing on my health until well after college. The gym became my sanctuary and I fell in love with fitness. When COVID hit, my whole world was turned upside down because the gym was closed and group fitness classes were my go-to. I didn’t have the motivation to do home workouts but as time went on, I knew I had to do something about it so I have transformed my living room into a home gym and really got into a groove with my workouts! This time at home has also really taught me to focus on the food I eat and the nutrients I put into my body because I’ve realized that you can’t outwork a bad diet!

My SNACK-life:
I’ve really been focused on eating healthily during this time so when I stumbled upon SNACK, it was love at first bite! I love that SNACK has no sugar or gluten and is high in plant-based protein so I can feel good about eating it straight from the bag or on top of my smoothies!

My Favorite SNACK blend:
I like the Banana & Cinnamon! Followed closely by the Blueberry & Matcha. So much YUM.