Who I am:
I am 37, run my own businesses (plural), and am constantly on the go! I try my best to be fit and healthy and do something every day that takes me offline. It’s not always easy to switch off, but exercise has always been the thing that makes it happen and puts a smile on my face! (That and my goofy bulldog Hugo that is…)

My SNACK-life:
Following a sports injury when I was eighteen, managing my weight has been an ongoing battle. This has meant really taking the time to get my diet right and focusing on eating all the good things. However, one area I have always struggled with is staying full and not snacking. This is especially true in the mornings as I get up early to walk the dog.

My Favorite SNACK blend:
Both of the Energize and Focus blends have been something of a revelation for me. I tend to have fruit and natural yogurt for breakfast but often find myself hungry again by mid-morning. I always stayed clear of granolas because of the sugar in them but since finding SNACK, I have been able to bulk up my diet, without adding in the sugar and it’s made a huge difference – I now stay full until lunchtime!

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