Who I am:
Entrepreneur, mom of two, and unapologetic health-freak. I am an avid runner, biker, and swimmer (triathlete) and competitive cross country and swimmer throughout college. Although I have always been interested in fitness, my overall health awareness came into focus during college when I began to become sensitive to certain foods.

My SNACK-life:
During college, I realized everyone didn’t have terrible stomach aches after eating and that I had sensitivities to certain foods. Since then I’ve become very aware of what I eat and how it makes me feel. I love SNACK because it is vegan and gluten-free and is packed with protein (plus my kids like it).

My Favorite SNACK blend:
The Banana & Raisin Clusters are my favorite, and apparently my kids too, which makes it hard to keep in stock! I would never eat before working out in the morning but now I have a few handfuls of SNACK and it has really helped with my energy – especially on longer runs.

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