Who I am:
I am an artist, a mom, and a reluctant runner. I have two high energy teenage boys and a cycling obsessed husband. They are trying their best to eat us out of house and home, all while I run around after them picking up stinky sports kit and tripping over cycle cleats.

My SNACK-life:
As you can imagine when I am practicing my art, I spend long periods of time in deep concentration. For this, I need to make sure that I stay full for as long as possible so I don’t get distracted by hunger. I also need something for the boys to grab and eat quickly that will keep full and energized for the day. SNACK was a bit of godsend for me, and the boys love it!

My Favorite SNACK blend:
The Blueberry & Matcha clusters are my favorite. The blueberry flavor is full and delicious and the natural caffeine in the matcha keeps me focused without the ups and downs of drinking coffee. My boys love the Apple and Tart Cherry blend. They think it’s really tasty and like to eat it as a SNACK in the evening.

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