Who I am:
Reluctant runner – but learning to enjoy it. Happy lifting weights but don’t want to over-do it! Constant dieter and still finding my way! Off-setting in the week to make room for weekend wine!

My SNACK-life:
Having spent much of my thirties trying to work out what exercise suited me, I can now work out what diet works for me. I love strength training but have to supplement it with running to keep my weight down. I like to eat grain-free, so SNACK was a revelation, especially given its protein content. Plus it’s super tasty!

My Favorite SNACK blend:
I work from home and tend to work pretty long hours. This makes the temptation for me to snack very high. I have started adding Blueberry and Matcha Clusters with my breakfast and it’s keeping me full through til lunch! This is a new feeling for me and I love it!

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