Over the last few decades, and especially in the last one, we’ve seen an increasing rise in people’s focus on health and well-being. In particular, that focus has gone towards our diet and the agriculture industry, with many asking: What am I actually putting into my body?

To answer this question, we as individuals and as a culture have paid more and more attention to the nutritional benefits (or lack of them) in the foods we consume, where they come from, what the growing and production processes of those foods are (along with if and how they’re processed), what chemicals they encounter, and what other things have been added to them along the way. As a result, greater percentages of the population have begun to really take seriously the impacts of what they consume.

Health is trending up

SNACK’s products began from the same place. The brand, the ingredients, and the overall mission of SNACK Fits squarely within the growing need for sustainable, healthy, whole foods. In fact, all SNACK products have only whole, natural ingredients in them—namely, farm-fresh Spirulina, dried fruits, nuts, and spices, all replete with powerful antioxidants. There are zero added sugars (including in the dried fruits!), making them especially diabetic-friendly and a rarity among the types of snack foods that fall under similar categories, such as granola and trail mix. Because of the limited ingredients, SNACK products are also friendly to several other diets, like paleo, vegan, and gluten-free.

And we’d be remiss not to mention one of SNACK products’ greatest health features: protein—specifically, plant-based protein from protein-packed Spirulina. Getting enough protein in your diet is hugely important for a number of reasons, including boosting metabolism and energy, burning fat, keeping you fuller for longer and reducing cravings, improving muscle and bone strength, and lowering blood pressure and LDL cholesterol. But protein also typically involves lots of animal-based products, which, while great in some ways, can also be harder on the environment and, for those following vegetarian and vegan diets, off the table—literally. Spirulina, however, is just about the most sustainable source of protein you can find: It’s derived from plants and algae and farm-grown in a controlled environment that promotes efficient water use and filtration.

So, SNACK already fits well into the bigger, evolving picture of where our food and health culture has been headed. Then, this year happened.

Turning from trend to lifestyle

With Covid-19, the trend and real need for better health-focused foods and food products has grown even deeper roots. At the end of August, agribusiness giant ADM published findings in Business Wire identifying six emerging consumer behavior shifts tied to the pandemic and the resulting evolution taking place in the food and beverage industry. Overall, their research shows that, since the onset of the greatest health crisis to have hit the planet in over a century, 77% of consumers intend to try to live and eat more healthily going forward. The specific behavior shifts they chronicled include:

  • An increased focus on gut health and immunity;
  • The normalization of plant-based diets;
  • A greater concern for weight management and metabolic health;
  • More focus on mental health and self-care;
  • Heightened demand for personalized nutrition; and
  • A move towards value-based shopping.

A bigger role for SNACK products

SNACK’s Spirulina products align with all six of these public intentions. For starters, for optimal gut health, it’s very important to have plenty of healthy bacteria in the body. Probiotics, which add more healthy bacteria to the system, are the main go-to in this arena, but prebiotics, which help preserve the healthy bacteria already there, are significant as well. Spirulina is a prebiotic, helping retain and promote good bacteria, specifically Lactobacillus acidophilus—a gut-health powerhouse.

Additionally, because of its high vitamin, mineral, and protein content, in test tube and animal studies, Spirulina has been found to spur increased production of immunity-boosting agents in the body, such as antibodies, cytokines, and B and T cells—all helping to ward off viral infection and chronic illnesses. With a global pandemic that promises lasting effects and the need for healthy immune systems, Spirulina snacks are the way to go.

As for weight management and metabolic health, the connection is clear: Whole foods, with minimal sugar and processing and high in protein and vital nutrients, keep us leaner. SNACK’s Spirulina products tick all the boxes on this front. Packing the protein punch, SNACK keeps you fuller for longer without adding unnecessary calories and unhealthy additives.

Finally, as discussed above, the growing popularity of plant-based diets and value-based shopping increases the role that products like SNACK’s Spirulina foods play in the system. Health—for humans and the planet—is the value that drives this brand and its processes, and that’s not changing. The more demand for healthy choices there is, the more people will want to be choosing products like SNACK to keep them healthy and illness-free for the long haul.